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The Alois Difference

What makes The Alois Alzheimer Center so unique? Simply put, our only focus is providing Alzheimer-related care and services. In fact, we specialize in it.

Our facility is designed with five distinct neighborhoods to meet a resident's every changing need. The activity programming at Alois is also designed around an individual's cognitive-functioning level. If needed, we can provide in-house physical, occupational, and speech therapies to residents.

Additionally, The Alois Alzheimer Center offers several programs to the community, including Respite Care. We also seek to support research, education and awareness of Alzheimer's disease through our non-profit organization, The Alois Alzheimer Foundation.

While there are many memory-care facilities available, there are none quite like The Alois Alzheimer Center. Our results speak for themselves:

  • Over 88% Family Satisfaction Rate
    (Ohio Department of Aging: Bi-Annual Family Survey)

  • Multiple Perfect State Surveys
    (Ohio Department of Health)

  • National Quality Award Winner, Step I and Step II (American Health Care Association)


"The Alois Alzheimer Center has been a godsend to us! So many of the staff were - and continue to be - problem solvers for us!"
                             - Shannon B.

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