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Alois Neighborhoods

The Alois Alzheimer Center has five unique neighborhoods, designed specifically to transition with your loved ones as his/her care needs change.  Each neighborhood is equipped with its own dining room, living room, activity space and courtyard, giving residents all the space they need to truly feel at home. Each neighborhood is unique allowing Alois to provide care to our residents as their needs change. 


The WOODS is located in the right rear quadrant of the community near the Assessment Center.  There are 16 private rooms that accommodate residents in early stages of dementia.  The sun room provides a great seating area for family visitors and looks out onto the lavish courtyard.  We also have a beauty salon, living room, activity area and plenty of space for everyone to enjoy.


The newly remodeled MEADOWS neighborhood is located in the front of the community and offers 13 private rooms. Structured for individuals who are in the early stages of Alzheimer's or a related dementia, the Meadows offers specialized activities, bistro-style dining and access to the beautiful courtyard. Large dining, activity and living spaces ensure residents have the space they need to feel comfortable in their new home.


The TERRACE is located in the center of the community to the left of the front desk, and offers both private and semi-private accommodations. The therapy department is located on the Terrace providing Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies to all five neighborhoods at Alois. The large dining room and living room areas provide plenty of space for family visitors and offer plenty of quiet relaxing space for our residents; and a beauty salon on the neighborhood offers convenience to our residents.  We offer the Behavioral Based Ergonomics Therapy (BBET), which uses visual, auditory, aroma and textile therapy to decrease agitation without the use of psychotropic medications.  Our families also find that this program provides numerous options for interaction and engagement during visits.


"Residents living full-time there have enclosed but open air, safe gardens to explore. It's so nice to be able to go outside and play in the dirt! Very well thought-out." - EA Meyer



The COMMONS provides care to our residents that struggle internally and externally with the effects of dementia.  We have 16 rooms offering both private and semi-private accommodations and spacious, open-concept bathrooms.  Because we have dedicated this neighborhood to the care and treatment of residents with specific and demanding care needs, we are able to continue to provide care to a larger population of individuals touched by the disease.  The quiet and comfortable living rooms feature plenty of space for families to visit and get plenty of one-on-one time.  Increased staffing, specialized activities and BBET are also a very important part of what makes this neighborhood successful.

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The GARDENS, located between the Terrace and the Commons, offers a very peaceful and quiet home for our residents who need assistance with their overall care needs.  This neighborhood provides serenity and calming activities as well as the  spacious rooms necessary for larger medical equipment.  Palliative care and hospice teams assist our own team and help us give the quality of care that your loved one deserves.


"Alois provides a complete and unique approach to care for Alzheimer's and dementia patients. They have different units designed to care for your loved ones throughout the different stages of the disease. The nursing staff is wonderful and the staff in general are all friendly and helpful! Great resource for anyone who is dealing with loved ones affected by Alzheimer's or dementia." - CK Boom

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